How you can join in and spread the word about the 11th Continental Bioregional Congress…

Effective Outreach –> More Vibrant Congress

The Bioregional Congress is a grassroots/streetroots and planetary event, and as such its success depends on the effort of many people to spread the word, show up, and make it happen. Whether you have five minutes or five weeks to contribute to the Bioregional Congress effort, there’s a way for your outreach effort to be effective. The CBCXI down-loadable rtf Promotions Timeline form below  is for documenting your local outreach activities. Each local outreach leader will hold a part of the complete picture of our outreach process. Our PR packet continues to be updated.

  1. CBCXI black & white postcard 3 on page, print scaled to fit
  2. CBCXI black & white long card print 2 on page
  3. CBCXI ovals postercard print 2 on page
  4. CBCXI ovals postcard 4 on page, print scaled to fit
  5. CBCXI ovals Poster jpg
  6. CBCXI 96 dpi parchment Poster jpg
  7. CBCXI 96 dpi parchment Poster pdf
  8. CBCXI 200 dpi Parchment Poster
  9. Congress XI Promotions Timeline Form
  10. Congress XI Fundraising Timeline Form

These are the last congress Kits that will be updated, stay tuned:

  1. CBCX Public Relations Kit
  2. CBCX Bioregional Captain’s Kit
  3. CBCX Sponsorship Kit
  4. CBCX Welcome Letter


Online social networking: The Bioregional Congress has a presence on many new online social networks. We are updating to add new networks. If you’re part of these networks, you can join the CBC-X group and invite your friends. If you use another social network, we would like you to add it here. You can insert an event or group about the Bioregional Congress to your social network. (And, feel free to copy words and images from this site or any of our social network posts). We are updating these networks.

Email and phone call: Choose someone who you think would enjoy the Bioregional Congress and send them an email with a statement of  “I think you’d like this event because it matches with your passion for ______.” and a link to The next day, call them and have a conversation about the Bioregional Congress. Then, if it seems appropriate, follow up that conversation with another email encouraging them to register for the congress on the website. You may find bioregionally interested CSA’s, farms, Permaculture groups, Transition Town groups, persons on board with sustainability that can come as a group (bring 5 get 6th person free). Other local groups you frequent can lead to you starting a local bioregional group.  You can also spread the word, and give out our posters and cards at events you frequent to all manner of interested folk.

Presentation at a gathering or a house party: Wherever you find an audience, you may have a chance to mention the Bioregional Congress. No matter the length of your presentation (10 seconds, 10 minutes in which you can use our templates for your personalization), focus on giving a clear invitation and do something to get folks talking about it. One method that works well is the Think ‘n Listen: after you invite the audience, ask them to turn to a neighbor and each take 1-3  minutes to share what they think of the Congress, why they might go, and what they’re curious to know more about. If it’s a long presentation, do this within the first 8 minutes and again at the end. You may be surprised how quickly the room bursts into conversations.

Hand out postcards: Want some postcards about the Bioregional Congress to hand out at an event? We provide CBCXI cards and posters to suit your printing availability, for download above.

Organize a Caravan: Travel is outlined here: and will have an added component of self-organization. Folks coming from your area can travel together and fun joining of caravans is currently being elaborated on our bioregional listserve which you can join.

Convene a local bioregional council: You can convene a bioregional congress for your bioregion! There’s a reason that participants at the Continental Bioregional Congress are considered “delegates” — your local council can choose to send a few delegates and help gather funds to pay for their transportation and registration. This is a great way to get to the Bioregional Congress if the registration fee seems beyond your budget, and it will make the Continental Bioregional Congress even more effective at weaving a wise network across the Americas.

Declare yourself a Bioregional Outreach Leader: If you have a lot of attention to put into outreach for the Congress, then you can act as a Bioregional Outreach Leader. What’s that? A Bioregional Outreach Leader gets familiar with the ideas and details of the Congress and acts as a point person in their bioregion, a catalyst spreading the invitation and welcoming collaboration. Start by downloading the Bioregional Outreach PR files you need from this website. We continue to update useful letters and documents for your use.

Share your outreach idea: To write your idea, click here: Share Outreach Ideas. To read outreach ideas shared by other folks we will  click here: Read Outreach Ideas.

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