Summary: During a time of environmental devastation, social injustice and economic upheaval, CBCX promises to be another landmark event, bringing together activists, artists and writers, permaculturalists and farmers, entreprenuers, public policy-makers, community leaders, scientists and researchers, homesteaders and ecovillagers, children and adults, and all concerned about the state of the planet. In the ceremonial village of the congress that links us across the artificial boundaries of state, province, and nation, we will gather to share and celebrate stories of place, model the communities we wish to support and create, and replenish ourselves for the ecological and cultural restoration. The congress will also pilot the emerging the-farm-icon-for-2009-page-lgerbioregional curriculum from a toolbox of workshops, approaches, and practices for generating, reclaiming and re-energizing our culture – which began to take shape at the CBC IX at Earthaven Ecovillage in 2005. Holding this event at a successful ecovillage allows us to experience life in a permaculture-designed village full of earth-friendly housing, cooperative forestry, and consensus-based decision-making.

Bioregionalism offers us a glimpse of a sustainable and just human culture that is firmly grounded on earth, and woven into the interdependent tapestry of life. This event will weave the traditions and culture of the bioregional movement with emerging global practices and tools for creating and sustaining local culture. This regenerative vision has been in the vanguard of the American Green Movement (which was largely inspired by the bioregional movement), and its influence can now be seen in the rapid spread of re-localization and transition movements across the globe. In calling together these movements during a time when public opinion is shifting toward a more sustainable outlook, we embrace the many-voiced, regenerative culture on the cusp of catalyzing global awareness and action. reaching out to other groups and including them in the Congressional discussion we are opening the doors to fresh new energy and creating alliances that will further actualize the vision and mission of bioregionalism in the 21st Century.

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