Ready to do the work you love for a living, make a career shift, infuse your current job or organization with renewed vision? Several of us have created a landmark event for writers, musicians, songwriters, performers, workshop facilitators, counselors and clergy, activists and community leaders and those involved in or ready to start projects, businesses or organ intensive is focused very much on the nuts and bolts — marketing without selling your soul, business planning with integrity, mindful ethics, community program development, creating workshops and consultation services, fundraising, fund-earning and grant-writing — as well as on conversing with our calls to live in greater balance with our true selves and our community and eco-community.

The Right Livelihood Institute will be held June 5-10, 2011 at Unity Village in Kansas City, MO., with most of our activities taking place in one of the first green conference centers in the country.  Unity itself is a model of ecological right livelihood, growing as much food as possible on site for meals, and contributing to the health of the greater community.

Participants in the institute will:

  • Develop a comprehensive and soulful business plan
  • Learn how to engage with what calls to you as your life work for continual guidance
  • Identify and gather tools for planning, research, marketing, assessment, training, and education
  • Develop a transition plan  into the work you love
  • Determine your best self-care practices for personal sustainability
  • Investigate and articulate your own values so as to develop sound and ethical business practice
  • Address financial, emotional and educational barriers
  • Become part of an ongoing community sharing guidance.
  • Gain a mentor matched with you for your specific needs and visions.

“One day you knew what you had to do, and began.” — Mary Oliver

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