Well, on Keith’s invitation thanks Keith I have for the first time wandered into the so called blogosphere, or — anent the trepidation I feel like that of all those peoples of the world don’t like to have their pictures taken (I hate it; I’m not going to say freakin cheese ok?; why should I “smile”? I don’t feel like smiling dammit) who sense that, like iphones, which have obviously large numbers of devils and demons in them, cameras have at least one or 2 — the blogosfear, having wandered in I’m looking around going, WTF do I do now? There’s no one here. All I see is this white space. Keith, I’m afraid. Who’s gonna read this, and why. Am I now replicated, nekkid, and being ridiculed and bullied until I commit sewersnoid (reference only to be known by antient hippie cartoon readers) on 300 million facebooks?

(in a tiny little squeaky voice….) Help me…

(just kidding…I’m too old to care anymore about null space, or 100 million character assassinations. But seriously. What do I do now? I admit it’s possible that the planet blog could be fun. Sometime I don’t do stuff just to be contrary. For instance, I refused back in ancient day to see Easy Rider, or read the Hobbit.)

d el h