A sure sign of spring on the Cumberland Plateau are the cherry blossoms and daffodils starting to brighten up the landscape after the cool gray winter.

There is hustle and bustle here on The Farm, with people putting in their gardens, starting to work on buildings now that it (hopefully) wont be dropping back below freezing.

And the busy work of organizing a Continental Bioregional Congress is also in full swing keeping up with the spring surge of energy. The Cumberland Green, as it is locally known, is the highland plateau stretching west from the southern end of the Appalachian mountains. The Green is wealthy in musical tradition as well as regenerative bioregional potential.

The Core organizing Committee currently consists of Eric Lewis, Administrator of the Cumberland Greens Biocouncil; Greg Landua, Program Coordinator of the Ecovillage Training Center; Ali Rosenblat, Secretary of Ecovillage Network of the Americas, Jennifer D. English, Director of the Center for Holistic Ecology and Jessi Ortiz, Office Coordinator of the Ecovillage Training Center. We are also blessed with the help of the Continental Bioregional Council as well as a group of elders from the Farm Community including Albert Bates, Doug Stevenson, and Mary Ellen Bowen.

Our hope is to synchronize our efforts in bioregional organizing with the wave on interest in alternative lifestyles, green living and localization to empower the bioregional movement on the Cumberland Plateau and The North American Continint. WE are hoping to catalyze a year and a half long discussion culminating with the Bioregional Congress and continuing on from there with clarity and purpose.

In service to the Earth.

Greg Landua